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1. International freight compensation 

The basic international freight for the import of materials for integrated circuit (IC) materials is free of charge 

Due to some models (such as fan, cables, module, etc.) procurement quantity, large volume or weight heavier reasons, such as overweight, need customers pay beyond the part of the freight difference. When it comes to being overweight, our customer service staff will contact you to remind you to pay the freight. 

2. Tariffs, commodity inspection and 3C fees 

According to the national customs regulations: 

Import tariff exemption for integrated circuit (IC) class 

Non-integrated circuit components (such as relays, bandpass filters, attenuators, modules, cables, etc.) may require an additional 3% to 12% tariff 

Switch, fuse, gas discharge tube and other needs commodity inspection and 3C certification fees 

If the order you submitted contains a tariff or other customs declaration fee, our customer service staff will notify you and inform you of the payment. 

3. About the embargo model 

Misfortune, core city, strictly abide by the relevant overseas suppliers export restrictions, all export restrictions/embargo models are not purchasing order, details should be according to supplier shipments. 

It is sometimes possible to be notified of the export restriction/embargo and need to withdraw a single refund before shipment. As a result of any loss, the city will not be held responsible. We apologize for the inconvenience, please understand. 

4. Order review mechanism 

As the goods may exist in the customs, the embargo and so on, see the city of the city to set up the order review mechanism. After the user successfully submits the order, it is necessary to confirm the order with the customer service staff of the town, and then make the payment without any problems. The specific status of the order review can be checked by the member center, or contact customer service online for details. 

5. Update delay of model data 

All the data of the website are sourced from the corresponding suppliers, and the basic guarantee is updated in real time. But because the supplier inventory data for the global open or supplier site itself data update not in time, you can see when purchasing the spot price and the inventory information such as there may be some error. If the order status is updated as "confirmed order" after placing the order, please pay as soon as possible so as not to change the price and inventory quantity. If there is any problem, our customer service staff will contact you immediately. 

(reminder: please ensure that the order status is updated to "confirmed order" after the order is submitted, so that the payment will be made after the payment has been confirmed, and other problems will be caused by unconfirmed payment.)