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Transaction Notes

1. International Freight Difference Makeup

NOVA MALL Platformcharges basic international freight against import materials like integrated circuit (IC)

If the overall weight exceeds the limitation due to excessive purchase amount of certain model (e.g. electronic fan, cable and module etc.), oversize or heavy weight of certain products, customers should pay additional freight. In this case, our customer service agent would contact you and remind you to pay the bill.



2. Customs, Commodity inspection and 3C fees

According national customs regulations, imported materials of the integrated circuit category would be tariff free, while components of non-IC category (e.g. electric relay, band-pass filter, attenuator, various types of module and cable etc.) would be charged for an extra tariff of 3%-12%. Products like switches, wire fuse and gas discharge tube should pass the commodity inspection and be charged with 3C certification fees. If your order contains products that are subject to tariff or other custom fees, our service agent would send a notice on making additional payment to you at the earliest time.



3. About contrabands

NOVA MALL acts in strict accordance with relevant import and export restrictions of overseas suppliers. Products under restriction or prohibition are not allowed to be added to an order. In practice, the shipment launched by the supplier shall prevail. Sometimes we may be told that certain products are prohibited to be exported or shipped. In this case, the order would be canceled and your payment would be reimbursed, and we would not bear any responsibilities. Sorry for all the inconvenience that you suffered.



4. Order approval mechanism

Since certain products may be taxed or prohibited from shipment, we’ve set up an order approval mechanism. After the user submits the order, our service agents would check the order and notify the user to make payment after confirming that there is no such problem. You can log in the membership center or contact online service agents to check the status of your order.


5. Delayed update of model information

All the data on our website come from corresponding suppliers (excluding our self-run products) and will be updated timely in most case. However, since the inventory data of the supplier is available to customers around the world or the supplier may fail to update the data in time, the product price and quantity in stock may be inaccurate. After submitting the order, if the status of the order is updated into “confirmed order”, please make payment as soon as possible, because product price and quantity in stock may change. If there is any problem with your order, our service agent would contact at the earliest time.

(Note: After submitting your order, please make sure that the status of the order is updated into “confirmed” before making payment, so as to avoid other problems.)


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